Artist Statement

Talya Jankovits

Through creative writing I aim to enhance connection to the other, promote dialogue about current socio-political topics and provoke thought about the human condition. Through novel, short story and verse I delve into topics of gender, family, and religion. I am often moved by happenings to me or experiences in my family’s past. I hope to contribute to larger conversations around me regarding the perils and limitations of humanity and the nuanced ways in which they seep into our present social and political hemispheres in order to promote positive impact. An emphasis on elevated language, writing as an aesthetic and fully realized and developed characters are always a primary goal in my work. My personal essays often center around motherhood. My children’s literature is usually humorous, as the process of growing up is full of wit and candor. As an artist of words, my goal is to assure my readers are both entertained and moved towards constructive change, both personal and universal regardless of age.

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