“Until Death” – South Broadway Press

“Imposter Syndrome”Rogue Agent Journal

“Guf”Arkana Magazine (Editor’s Choice Award & Best of Net Nomination)

“Best Friends”Emerge Literary Journal

“Song of the Submerged”Emerge Literary Journal

“Ecdysis”Held Magazine

“My Stomach”Thimble Literary Magazine

My Father Is A Psychologist”BigCityLit (Pushcart Nominated & Best of Net Nomination)

“The Way The World Was”Capsule Stories

“A Woman of Valor” Poetica Magazine

“In High School”Growing Up Lifespan Vol 2

“When We Meet New People”Anti-Heroine Chic

“What To Say”Global Poemic

A Prayer For The Seder Table”Hevria

“Attempt Number 24” – 52/250 A Year of Flash

“Pinata Uterus”Literary Mama

“Because I Am Woman” – Thunderclap! (Print only.)

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